With the New Year right around the corner, we wanted to give our best tips for bringing in the New Year as strong as possible. Resolutions and goal setting is a big part of ringing in a New Year - but we also wanted to shed light to what you HAVE already accomplished this year. We recommend grabbing a journal for this one - 

STEP 1: 

What is something that you are proud of this last year? 

Is there something you would like to continue in the New Year? 

What was a key moment & why? 

Take some time to reflect on the year, while also giving yourself a big hug for not only getting through 2021 (anyone else feeling like it was a bit harder than 2020?) but also thriving more than you thought. Now, looking at the New Year.


What are your TOP 3 goals in the New Year? The more specific the better. For example - Make X amount of money which is how much monthly, weekly, daily, etc. (which can be an overall financial goal - to lead into paying off debt, buying a home, etc.) 

What is something you can implement DAILY for you to get to your goals faster? It can be as small as waking up 5 minutes earlier or saving/making an additional $5 per day. 

Do you know your WHY? The reason behind all your actions. It has been proven to have bigger and more specific results when people understand and truly know they're why. 

We want to emphasize consistency as a big part of results. Daily conscious effort can make a world of difference. Now that you have journaled and wrote out your 2022 goals, how can you celebrate? Can you go and print out photos and hang them in your room to remind you and get excited for what is coming? Share with a friend and they can share theirs with you. Let us know how you celebrate. There is so much to look forward to! 

Below are some of our favorite journal recommendations that we are loving here at Luxe. They can be a great tool for daily efforts of what you are going to achieve. 

The Best Year Journal

The Five Minute Journal 


 A sweet reminder to be gentle with yourself. To not get discouraged and continue on. We love the saying “How would you talk to your best friend?” then continue talking about and to yourself lovingly. You got this and absolutely deserve it! 


The Luxe Team 

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