Luxe - The Back Story

Luxe - The Back Story

Angie’s Story
Luxe has been open for 10 years now and online for 3, but Angie, the owner and creator of Luxe, has been in the industry for decades now!
At age 10, Angie had a dream to own a clothing store. As a teenager, she started small by selling products out of the trunk of her car to hair salons and tanning salons. While she was planning and creating her vision, she worked in a few places to learn the different aspects of business.
Angie said, “I knew I could do anything If I put my mind to it.” At age 16, she had a hard work ethic and she did not give up on her dream. She gives her the credit for her success to the determination she has because of her faith. She stated that without her faith in God, she probably wouldn’t have made it.
Angie never forgot her dream and at just 18 years old, she made that dream a reality and opened her first retail store! She also had a formal bridal store that she ran for 18 years before starting Luxe. 
Her favorite part about being a business owner is having the opportunity to work with multiple amazing women. She expressed, “I feel truly blessed to have them in my life.” When starting Luxe, she wanted it to be a place where women could find styles that are trendy and affordable and would make them feel good about themselves. She shared that it has been a wonderful experience watching this happen with her customers.
Angie has a family of four, with two sons and a husband she dedicates her life to. She shared that the biggest challenge of being a business owner is wanting to be the best mom and best boss that she can possibly be. Finding the balance of being there for your employees and growing your business without losing out on the big moments at home is something that is incredibly important to her and something that has been able to help her create an amazing family and business.
To other women starting a business, Angie says, “Follow your dreams! You have to be passionate about what you are doing and want to give 110%. There are some hard challenges that will come up and that passion and motivation behind you will keep you going to find your balance. It may put pressure on you when so many people depend on you when you run a business, but if you are a fighter and never stop working at making your dreams a reality, you will succeed.”
We are so grateful for Angie and her amazing example of hard work, passion, and kindness to everyone that she meets! Thanks for taking the time to learn a little bit about Angie & Luxe’s backstory! Use Code: ANGIE25 to get 25% Off your Luxe order (March 29, 2021 Only)!

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  • Michelle Glover

    Angie, loved reading your story. You’re awesome. Wish I had some of that confidence you had so early on. Missed seeing you when I stopped by last week. :)

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