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Feeling lost about what to wear to a wedding? While we know it isn't easy striking the right balance between not upstaging the bride while still looking electrifying, saying yes to these affordable wedding guest dresses certainly is. Always plan ahead and think about longevity — you don't want to waste money on a one-hit-wonder that hangs in your wardrobe for the next decade, nor do you want to keep re-using an old dress. Rather, play it “dress code safe” with LUXE’s unique wedding guest dresses you know you'll wear again and again. Have something specific in mind? Check out our quality range of dresses.

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Be the Best Dressed Guest

That being said, every wedding is a unique celebration, so as you consider your options for attire, it's helpful to think about the exact location of the wedding you're going to be attending. For instance, there is a distinctly different vibe between a formal church wedding and an outdoor wedding. The good news is, on-trend flowing midi and maxi dresses in all-over floral prints or jewel tones means you're bound to find affordable wedding guest dresses that will look just as good with strappy stilettos as they will paired with knee-high or ankle-length boots. 

Reach for a breezy dress that can beat the heat on a summer day or one that looks lovely with a shawl in the event of an unexpected cool breeze. Pick a cheerful design like our Navy Daisy Dress, or opt for elegance with the Time of My Life Satin Dress that makes you feel great but also allows you to celebrate fully should the itinerary call for a night of dancing.

Whether you’re looking for a formal little black dress or attending an outdoor wedding, LUXE has virtually every style option imaginable to fit any personality and occasion. Find simple, affordable wedding guest dresses in a variety of lengths and colors.

Accessories to Accentuate Your Style

Don’t forget to add a touch of bling to help you step up the sophistication. Our jewelry collection is as unique as you are!